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Writing is my passion.

short stories

The Golden Duck

Twelve short stories about the everyday and the astonishingly surprising things of this world.
Short and to the point, the stories are delightfully readable,
sly and entertaining as usual.

short stories, 124 pages

paperback: ISBN 978-3-9524855-6-9
e-book: ISBN 978-3-9524855-7-6

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The Golden Duck by Gabriela Hofmann

When Slugs Scare
and other entertaining stories

Why are some people afraid of creepy-crawlies?
What do we dream when we sleep?
What comes after death?

These and many other topics are dealt with in the short stories,
which often begin banallybut always surprise with an unexpected finale.

They are stories that could have happened in such a way
- but also quite differently.

Eighteen short stories, 128 pages

paperback:  ISBN 978-3-9524855-8-3
e-book: ISBN 978-3-9524855-9-0

Kindle                       Tolino

When Slugs Scare by Gabriela Hofmann
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